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“Business only has two functions
marketing and innovation.
– Peter Drucker














Services We Offer

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Tactical Marketing

  • Campaign Creation

  • Web Development

  • Social Media

  • Brand Management

  • Product Launch

  • Idea Consulting

The RYS Advantage


In many professional industries such as medical and financial, there is mandatory continued education that must be taken in order for them to maintain their qualifications in their chosen field. We believe the same should apply to marketing, web design, product launches, brand management etc.

The world is in a state of constant, blindingly fast change and to think otherwise is to risk being left behind. Take a look at past powerhouses like Blockbuster. Sure, this one’s very obvious, but this is an example of a company that refused to innovate, who kept using outdated practices and never took their head out of the sand. As clear as this example is, the danger lies in the fact that many folks are simply too busy working IN their business to take the time to strategize and work ON the business.

At RYS, we are continually testing and refining our strategies and basing all our thoughts and actions on RESULTS. We never assume anything, we test, we measure, we track and we figure out what works and we listen to the numbers. Listen, it’s easy to say “oh you can’t measure this kind of marketing”, and sometimes that’s true, but far too often companies use that as an excuse for not delivering actual results! Yes, some strategies are long term, but they should be used hand in hand with measurable strategies that show profits you can bank.

We believe that everything a business does, from the customer service department to the business card to the proposals, is marketing. Through focused marketing effort with your clients needs in mind, we make sure that you are building an empire, not just a job.

Raise Your Standards

RYS, an acronym for Raise Your Standards, is the mantra that RYS Marketing lives by. In every area of life,we get what we settle for. And if you want a better quality of life you need to raise your standards. Of course, easier said than done! The key is to decide what you won’t settle for anymore, decide what will become your new level of acceptance and make it an absolute MUST. Never settle for less than you deserve!

We take the RYS philosophy to heart and are continually striving for greater heights. We are continually learning. researching, innovating and discovering breakthrough methods to add cash to your bottom line.

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