Power Seminar Series

Welcome to our Power Seminar series of crash courses. Here’s a quick word from Alain Blais, leader of these seminars.

“Over the years, I’ve attended countless seminars, courses, and training’s. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in books, magazines and audio programs and digital training classes. I’ve invested a small fortune in time and money in coaching, consulting and education. All in the area of marketing, business management, marketing strategy, copywriting, sales, etc.

But here’s what I learned…

MOST seminars are  a complete waste of time.

Whoa, whoa! What a way to tell you about our seminars! Here’s the main problem. 99% of the courses I have participated in are simply a sales job. Listen, I’m all for promoting other products and up-selling, I get it, but in the process you still need to add value! And I think many people lose sight of that.

I have seen so many businesses struggle, so many mom and pop shops close their doors, so many dreams come crashing down and that breaks my heart.

As much as I was annoyed with the “typical” seminar because of their abuse of attention, I knew I couldn’t sit idly by and watch people suffer when with just a little bit of guidance, those same struggling businesses can strive and prosper. So I decided that I needed to reach out and help.

And that’s when I ran into a problem… I started coaching one on one, and quickly realized that I do not have the time to fit everyone in my schedule, and my three kids are at a stage where we can do more and more together, so I needed to find a way to balance a healthy work/family life.

And that lead me back to the dreaded seminars…

When I decided to host seminars, I had one rule: No sales crap, no fluff, no filler. Just 100% raw, non-stop and uncut content that’s actually usable, applicable, measurable and effective. Basically I wanted to fill the seminars with stuff that actually makes money FOR those in attendance!

Hence the reason I like to call them “Cash Creating Crash Courses“.

To repeat, these are not your every day seminars. They are designed to be fast paced, action packed cash creating crash course free of filler. Just raw, actionable content that you can use immediately and see measurable results.

These are NOT highly theoretical mumbo jumbo that’s never actually been tested in the real world. These are not full of up-sells and offers and hooks to get you to sign up for other products or services. These are not full of wasted explanations and stories that have nothing to do with you or your businesses future success and profits.

These are short, intense and highly educational. Oh, and everything taught is tried, tested and true. I would NEVER teach something I haven’t used, tweaked, perfected and made sure it delivers results for YOU. 

If you are serious about building a business that’s more than just a job, a business that allows you to live the lifestyle you deserve, a business that makes you proud, happy and stress free, these are the seminars for you!

I look forward to seeing you profit.

To your success,



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