You’re invited to the

Sudbury Business

State of Affairs Mastermind


… And the prerequisites for doing business in 2017


A unique opportunity for Sudbury business owners!


Dear Business Owner,

The world is changing at a blindingly fast pace, and is set to only increase. Markets are drying up quicker than ever before, while new ones are opening up – often under the radar – leaving vast oceans of opportunity ripe for the picking. Gone are the days of “only the strong will survive”. This new era has created an ideal market place for the “David’s” of the world, and those paying attention can utilize these opportunities and take out Goliath.




Here are but a few facts to get you started…

  • Business Insider reported that some YouTube stars are making OVER 10 million dollars a year making jokes and goofy videos.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk reported seeing CPM’s (cost per thousands) as low as $0.001 on Snapchat.
  • Stephen Udoff recently made headlines in the real estate world for using Snapchat to sell real estate, and recently rented an $85 000/month condo using ONLY Snapchat to make the sale.
  • has hit over 90 million users globally, and with it’s demographic as low as 1st graders, is a prime tool for branding ripe for the picking.
  • Everyone has become a media company, and we’re being repeatedly shown that teens in their basements can get more reach than most high priced networks.
  • The market has become severely jaded, and interruption leads to distaste more than sales.
  • There’s an increasing opportunity to be “one of the gang” – as a business – with your consumers, unlike ever before.


“Business as usual” will never exist again, in fact business last year, business last summer, business yesterday will never be the same.


Don’t think you’re that far behind? Here’s a little test…


Do you recognize each of these logos? We’re going to go into them at the mastermind, but let me say this: they ALL boast users in the multi-millions, some in the billions, and your prospects are putting their attention into these mediums.



What Worked in 2016…

Won’t Automatically Work in 2017



How to Engage the Local Community of Sudbury With Future Facing Marketing To Get More Customers Than Your Business Can Handle


Before I dive into what exactly is this Sudbury Mastermind meeting about, I want to tell you exactly what it is NOT.


  • This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. If you’re looking for a quick fix, an instant win, a definitive path to greatness, this is not for you.
  • This is NOT a “get rich without lifting a finger while lounging on a beach drinking Mojitos and petting your pet tiger” event.
  • This is NOT “secrets to success” course that’s guaranteed to tell you 3 weird secrets marketing pro’s don’t want you to know.
  • This is NOT a pitch fest, promise you the world to get you in but only give you sizzle and only give you the steak if you pay our monthly fee of $999 for the rest of your life. (But, don’t worry, we will give you a way to team up with others in Sudbury to brainstorm strategies, ideas and uncover solutions to complex problems)
  • This is NOT a “I’ll coach you to build a million dollar business” course taught by someone who’s never built a business but hopes to get rich teaching how to get rich program.


Over the past two years or so, being an “entrepreneur” somehow became the “cool thing”, the “in thing”. I remember back when being an entrepreneur meant you had no clue what the heck you were doing and we’re trying to “figure it out”. Being an entrepreneur used to be the same as being an artist or a writer… most people just assumed you had no clue what the heck you were doing.


But now, everyone and their mother is putting entrepreneur as their go-to title, and there are life and business coaches hiding around every corner hoping to land a sale by selling you a course on how to sell. Heck, the business world is starting to look like the diet industry, there’s a new scam that pops up every day.


Sorry, I think I’m starting to ramble… This topic gets me very heated!


Back to business, let me tell you what this seminar, event, meeting or what ever you want to call it, is all about.

  • To start, we’re going to get back to the basics and give a short talk on the meaning of business life and those impacted by your success. A lot of people have this odd belief that your personal success is at a cost to everyone else, but the truth is your success supports life in Sudbury. It’s your success that builds hospitals and offices and sporting venues and restaurants, it’s your success that creates jobs and keeps our community alive, it’s your success that keeps our youth in Sudbury to guide our future.
  • Then we’ll segway into what’s truly possible, and the importance of setting goals and going after those goals with a 10 X attitude.
  • From there we’ll get down to the real reason we’re here: to grow our business. From the only three methods to grow any business, to the best strategies and directions to apply those marketing dollars, to the new trends and tools that are out, or coming out in the near future, that are all primed and ready to be utilized before your competition.
  • From here we’ll dive into what makes Sudbury a great city to do business, it’s pro’s and con’s and what needs to be done differently to truly profit and be set apart from the rest.
  • We’ll polish off this section with a few quick points on action, delegation, automation and building sustainable systems.
  • Afterwards, we’ll go into a quick mastermind talk and discuss the importance of joining a mastermind group.
  • Then, we’ll finish off with a live Q and A and answer any marketing, business growth, lead generation, conversion, sales, etc. questions you may have and add as much value to you and your business as possible.


Our goal with this mastermind meeting is very simple:


To provide those select businesses who step up to be the leaders of the future of Sudbury with everything they need to dominate the market in 2017.


BUT, there is a slight problem…


We’ve booked the hall at the Canadian Hard of Hearing office, and it only fit’s 100 people MAX, and before we even got around to announce this we’ve confirmed 18 attending business owners. That leaves only 82 spots – and they are sure to fill quickly.


Now, odds are by now you’ve been nodding your head at a screen long enough, can feel the need to learn the future of the market and brainstorm with fellow entrepreneurs – and you might be wondering how much this is all going to cost.


I have good news for you. We’re going to be hosting this meeting absolutely free of charge.


But don’t get too excited, we’re doing it free for a few very specific reasons…


  • For starters, don’t be misguided. This event is FREE for YOU, but it’s costing us a pretty penny. From the hard cost of the room, website and promos, to invaluable value of the time we’re putting into it, to the years of trial and error we’ve personally experienced in our own businesses in order to gather the wealth of knowledge we’ll be sharing with you, this is of high value.
  • We’re giving back to the community. We’ve been in business in Sudbury our entire lives, and Subury has been good to us – and we want to give back.
  • Having successful entrepreneurs in the group during the Q and A asking quality questions adds immense value to the group.
  • After the meeting, we will be inviting some of you to join our exclusive Mastermind Group, and this gives us a chance to screen out the tire kickers and leave us with those that are serious about business success.
  • We’re going to bug you for an RSVP in order to attend.