Startup Marketing Reference Guide

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The Startup Marketing Reference Guide is the ultimate toolbox for new businesses looking to get ahead of the pack and leave competitors in the dust.

This book is designed to be your go-to reference guide to establishing the true, hidden needs of your market  – the real reason they buy – and how to target them specifically. This guide will walk you through a variety of marketing tactics and strategies that are low cost – and often free – to put into play, allowing you to increase your bottom line and profit handsomely.




Don’t Make The Same Mistakes

Over the years, we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, and we can say without a doubt that the startup who pays attention and is willing to do what most won’t can quickly gain market share and take the lead.

Startups have the unique ability to be nimble, flexible and quick on their feet – and make major traction without drawing attention from the big guys, leaving them wondering what hit them. BUT, with that being said, it’s foolish for a new business to try and mimic established businesses. In fact, mistakes made early on can crush any hopes of survival.

Marketing your small business takes a unique skill set. Luckily, that skill set is teachable, and we’re going to teach it to you.


In this book, you’ll learn:

  • The 4 key advantages you have over all major corporations.
  • The most significant skill you need to crush your competitors regardless of their size.
  • 53 low cost, and often free, marketing tactics crafted to set you apart.
  • The number 1 strategy used to get boatloads of leads pouring into your business.
  • 6 ways to automate your marketing.
  • Top 3 ways to make money while you sleep – regardless of what business you’re in.
  • 13 point checklist to help you create a winning ad every time
  • Copywriting Do’s and Don’ts
  • Rules of the Web: A quick look at the essential parts of a winning website



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