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Let me cut to the chase and tell you this without fluff or sugar coating…

You are NOT marketing enough!

In fact, far too many don’t market at all – and that’s why they’re hurting. In the business world, it’s common knowledge that marketing is key, yet in the “small business” world, it seems like everyone is too busy working IN the business to take the time to work ON the business. And that leads to long nights at the office stressing over many things that could simply be solved with greater sales and increased profit.

Listen, I know how it is. When you first open your doors you do everything, you’re just starting off, you’re hungry so you push, you run ads, you make phone calls, you send emails, you send out press releases heck you basically talk to anyone that will listen to you. And it works! After some solid effort, people start coming in and the cash register starts to ring. But then something happens… You get busy, you’ve got orders to fulfill, you’ve got emails to respond to, you’ve got “work” to do, and all of a sudden you’re no longer doing the things that built your business up in the first place!

This is all far too common, and like I explained in my hand water pump blog post, marketing takes a bit of “priming”, it can take some good effort to get it going, and as long as you keep pumping nice and consistently, water (leads!) will keep flowing, but the second you stop, you need to start all over again to get the water – and leads – coming in again. This seminar is going to give you the tools and tactics you need to get that flow of water flowing strong, and teach you how to systematize the process so it’ll pump for life.

Alongside my own businesses, I’ve been teaching these strategies and tactics to my private clients for several years now, and have decided to run a one time, one day “crash course” on marketing.

No, this won’t be a boring, mostly useless seminar on why you should be marketing, how important it is, and then end with a bunch of “buy my other stuff” sales garbage. This is going to be an action packed marketing tactic “knowledge dump”.

We’re talking 4 hours of non-stop, hand cramping, head spinning knowledge overload.  The kind of stuff that will have you jittery with excitement when you get to the office on Monday morning.

Here’s the thing… I’m not going to be talking about just going out and buying up radio spots. I’m not going to say you should spend a fortune on television. You won’t hear me say go buy an add in the paper and wait for the phone to ring. And you won’t here me say spend all your time on social media. Sure, there’s a place and time for all of that, and when done correctly can be profitable, for far too many have no clue what they’re doing, they’re throwing money in the wind and letting media pushers sell them crap they don’t need.

Oh, and ever notice that NO media salesperson will ever explain to you how to TRACK the success of your radio/tv/paper/billboard ads? It’s because they don’t want you to. They’d rather you only see the “potential viewership” instead of actual real results.

I’m going to talk about things that will give you far greater leverage and returns for less time and money. I’m going to teach you tactics you can implement today to increase profits tomorrow. In fact, you’re going to leave with more ways to transform your business than you ever thought possible.

And here’s the best part, I’m going to teach you how to track and measure everything so you can see where the results are coming from, and what you need to do more of or less of.

If you are SICK and TIRED of living paycheck to payckeck, of feeling stressed with payroll demands, of feeling like you can’t afford to take some holidays, like your employees are making more than you are, like you are settling for less than you deserve, then you need to be at this Power Seminar.

Date: Sunday, August 21st
Time: 10AM
Duration: 4 hours, with 30 min. lunch break
The Workplace (behind Food Basics)
1191 Lansing Ave. Unit 1
Sudbury, ON P3A 4C4

Space Is Strictly Limited


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