Are you still using your Great Grandma’s

CEO recipe?

Let me ask you a serious question – which is a better learning method: Teaching or Experiencing? The answer might surprise you…


When we ask this from the stage, we often get an overwhelming response favoring experience as the better teacher – and unfortunately they’re wrong. (But don’t worry, that’s exactly why YOU have the upper hand… I’ll explain that below)


“I’m different, I learn better by doing!” you might argue, to which you would be HALF right. You see, doing is a great teacher, I’m not denying that, but it comes at a cost, and often one we are simply not willing to bear. Let’s step away from the complexities of running a business empire for a moment and talk about cookies.


If your strategy is to use experience as your method for learning how to make your first batch of cookies, you’d start throwing some ingredients together, a bit of that, a bit of this, and toss is in the oven. Odds are, they would come out terrible. It would take tremendous amounts of time, effort and cost experimenting with various ingredients, quantities, baking steps and cooking times before you finally made a batch that didn’t make you vomit – and that’s hoping you stuck with it long enough to get there. The truth is, many potentially fantastic cookies simply never come to fruition using this approach.


In business, entrepreneurs tend to do the same thing, using the similar approach.


If you ask the average CEO where they did their “Successful CEO Training” you’d be quite disappointed. Like the cookies, they just learned by experience. They learned it on the job, while making bucket loads of mistakes and adapting along the way. It was training by trial and error – and it took a lot of time, resources and some serious financial backing.


What if I told you there was a better way? A shortcut. A faster approach that yielded results quickly and in a systematic way that pleasantly showed up on the bottom line.


What The Military Taught Me About Business

I have a military friend that was recently married. At the ceremony, the grooms father, a seasoned military man, gave a speech that left me scrambling to take notes. I know, not something many people do at a wedding…


He said “In the military, HOPE is not a strategy! We don’t send our troops to battle and hope they come back. Just like you shouldn’t hope your marriage last, you plan, you listen to advice, you learn, and you put systems in place that allow for solid communication and continued love. If you hope your marriage last, it probably won’t. If you create a plan, and work that plan, your odds are significantly greater.”


That, to me, was gold.


My fellow CEO, HOPE is not a good CEO strategy – and hoping you’ll learn all the skills required to kick business butt isn’t the right approach.


There’s a reason your great grandma’s cookie recipe has been passed down from generation to generation – because it makes the best darn cookies you’ve ever tasted, it’s a proven system, a proven strategy that’s been researched, tested, proven, tried and true – and most importantly they taste delicious.


The Chet Holmes Institute is your grandma’s cookie recipe for your business. It contains an incredible 30 year learning curve from internationally recognized business growth master Chet Holmes. Chet never believed in hoping a business would work, he believed in modeling the masters and putting a proven system in place in every business area specifically designed for maximum efficiency and results.

Are you building a Parthenon

…or a tree-house?

The construction of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece began in 447 BC and, despite multiple wars and centuries of wear and tear, still stands tall to this day. Had they decided that perhaps one or two, or even several pillars, would have been enough to hold it up, do you think it would have stood the test of time? Your business is no different. Build it on a few pillars and you leave yourself open to attack, and should some of those pillars come tumbling down your business could potentially go down with it.


We’ve included a dozen modules into the Chet Holmes Institute to allow you to build pillar after pillar into your business, each on their own adding massive upside leverage to your business, and used together creates exponential compounding growth that will leave your competition in the dust wondering what happened.

Modules such as… .

Marketing strategy is the mark of the ultimate business professional. Amateurs bounce from tactic to tactic, but pro’s understand how to tie it all together in a cohesive manner and generate maximum profit. Learn how to blow your competition out of the water and get 10x more response and return from the money you’re already spending.

What would it do to your business if you could double your sales this year? And again the next? Our proven system will teach you the fastest, least expensive way to double your sales.

Are you struggling to get by? Or have a business that’s producing well, but the second you stop working it falls apart? Learn how to go from 1 million to 100 million while building an empire that runs without you.

Would you like to earn 10 times more? Great! Can you work 10 times longer? Probably not. Learn how to be 400% more productive in 6 quick steps. Good time management shouldn’t take a lot of time!

To the average Joe, good talent is hard to find – especially in the age of “entitlement”. But top producers, real superstars, are in fact EVERYWHERE if you know where and how to look. Learn how to recognize, attract, hire and manage the best salespeople in the world.

With the rise of the modern era, competition in just about every industry seems to pop up all around us. Learn how to build top of mind awareness and absolutely dominate your market.

Don’t be fooled – sales is NOT an art – it’s a science, with hard and fast rules. Once learned and mastered, these skills hold the keys to you fortunes.

Follow-up makes the difference between mediocrity and greatness. Learn how to follow-up like a pro without coming off as rude, offensive and detrimental to your goal.

Let me ask you something: what would it mean to you and your business if I could get you an appointment with anyone you wanted? In this module, we’ll teach you the strategies we use to getting the “impossible appointment” in 15 minutes instead of 15 months (or never!).

If you’re securing appointments with great prospects, but can’t present worth a darn, you’re leaving money on the table and burning profits left and right. There is nothing that closes like an expertly crafted and delivered presentation. LEarn everything you need to know to become a master presenter and close like a vice.

As CEO, you have a company to run and can’t be up all night trying to keep up with the latest digital advancements. In this module,  we source the web to bring you cutting edge digital hacks. Everything from productivity tips with Eben Pagan to increasing your leads with LeadPages.

Can I Put $9,305 Back In Your Pocket?

We used to offer this exclusive training as a live program, but to be honest it was a huge hassle for both you and I. You, a busy CEO, had to take time off from work, buy airfare to the event, find yourself a hotel room and spend five days trying to cram all the information into your head with the hopes that it would stay there once you left.


The truth is, this information overload wasn’t the best approach for long lasting results. And on our end, the overhead was high, so of course we had to charge accordingly.


At the end of the day, the experience came with a $10,000 price tag, plus your flight, your hotel, and most importantly the time away from work and family.


After hosting event after event, we decided to take some time and think about our goal, our mission, and rethink our strategy. Our mission is to empower CEO’s to build the empire they deserve, the business that provides them with the life they desire and builds an asset that’s worth substantially more for them when they are ready to get out and sell.


With that mission in mind, forcing you to leave your family for a week, spend a small fortune and try your hardest to cram before the event is over just didn’t seem to be the right fit.


Of Course, We Had Our Doubts…

With the rise of the internet and “wantrapreneur”, the internet has become a gathering place – a cesspool if you will –  for false prophets, snake oil salesmen and severely under-performing digital garbage. With nothing but a laptop sitting in mom’s basement, it’s easy to throw up a page – just like this one –  and pitch the heck out of, well, absolutely nothing.


Luckily, most CEO’s weren’t born yesterday, and understand that talk is cheap. And talk alone can’t generate the results we deliver, or gather testimonials from some of the worlds leading business people.


Let me ask you this…


What do Brian Tracy, Jay Conrad Levinson, Mark Victor Hansen, T. Harv Eker and Michael Gerber have in common? They all advocate for Chet Holmes.


These incredible business owners were not born into greatness, in fact some have had to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to get where they are, yet by applying some of the strategies taught here they are now household business names. The real question is: are you ready to join the ranks of these business tycoons?

Digitally optimized for today’s busy CEO, that same training others paid $10 000 for is now ridiculously affordable.

But let me be very clear…

I’m not about to insult your intelligence by saying something cheesy like “but this fantastic offer won’t be around long so get yours today before it’s gone!”, but I do want to be honest and up front with you… we’ve had some pressure from some of our team, and some past clients who DID pay the full $10 000 (and took a week out of their life, booked flights, hotel, etc.)  about how low the investment is, so I don’t want to promise you that we’re going to keep it this affordable.


As of right now, you can access the Chet Holmes Institute for a full 12 months for only $695, but we reserve the right to increase this at any point, and without warning.


“Okay, I understand that I need these growth tools in my business to help me go from $0 to $10 million (or even a billion), but how does the Chet Holmes Institute work?

Unlike the $10 000 “cram sessions” during the live training, we’ve chunked the training into short, easily absorbed videos that allow you to quickly navigate the concepts while maximizing the “stickiness” of the material. This shortened the learning curve which allows you to go from concept to profit in record time.

The biggest challenge with the live events is the inability to “pause and rewind”. With the training modules you can work your way through the material at your pace and pause, rewind and replay each lesson as many times as needed. And having it online allows you to access your lessons anywhere in the world.

As we mentioned earlier, our mission is to HELP YOU – and the last thing we want is for you to go through the lessons without actively working the concepts. We’ve included a variety of exercises and workshops to encourage you to think like the world’s top business owners so you can immediately start applying the concepts into your business and profiting from them.

Just like your great grandma’s cookies, our goal here to go beyond the theoretical and give you the recipe to success so you can duplicate our results in your own business. We provide you with exact scripts, emails, letters, promotional pieces, etc. that you can immediately use in your business – along with the profound mindset shift that allows you to profit substantially from your new understanding to marketing and sales.

Unlike many of the “wanna-be” programs out there, we offer a vast amount of case studies to demonstrate how these concepts can be applied into real life – real business – situations. These are excellent resources that open the mind to the limitless possibilities before you.

We understand that people learn through a variety of different methods and include various media types and learning tools to maximize the content absorption and boost retention.

To top it all off, your massive 250-page workbook contains notes on each section, exercises that will force you to think like the ultimate executive, quizzes to cement what you’ve learned and other supplementary material designed to help you apply and profit from the Chet Holmes Institute.