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Sudbury Marketing | RYS Group, based in Sudbury Ontario, specializes in results driven marketing and business consulting. With expertise in finding hidden opportunities, under-performing assets and hidden rivers of wealth in your business, RYS is the go-to group to take your business to the next level – or many levels up. As much as we’d love to be able to serve each and every one of you, we simply can’t. We’re forced to pick and choose who we’re able to help, and that leaves us feeling sad. To counteract that, and help YOU grow your business, Al CEO of RYS Group has put many of his marketing and business building strategies into words via his Marketing Blog “Marketing Lessons From The Trenches“. Feel free to browse a few of the most current articles below, or scroll to the very bottom of this page to apply to work with RYS Group directly.

Marketing Lessons From The Trenches

No B.S. Marketing Advice for 2017

Is Your Staff Scared Of Selling

The other day I was invited to give a talk on selling. A company was struggling to get its staff to offer additional products and services, or flat out ask for the sale. When I chatted with the employees about their reluctance to sell, it seems the primary concern was their hatred for “slimy used…


From DNF To First Place In 3 Months

From DNF To First Place In 3 Months *and why this doesn’t work in business* Most of you know that I have a passion for dirt bikes, specifically racing them cross country. And most of you know my 3 kids have been riding dirt bikes since they could walk. But what most of you don’t…


The Day That Turned My Business Around

The Day That Turned My Business Around It’s a beautiful day out there, so today I took a little time off, to unwind and celebrate a few milestones I’ve recently hit in my business life. It wasn’t more than 2 years ago taking time off was impossible. Even after I started making a decent living,…


How To Guide Your Business Out Of A Hole

One Easy Change To Point You In The Right Direction… I know this isn’t the sexiest of topics, but it needs to be said… MOST of your results in life are psychological – both good and bad. Last week I had a meeting out of town with a group of entrepreneurs that brought me in…


Tunnel VS Funnel Vision

Tunnel Vision VS Funnel Vision Yesterday, I wrote about focus – and the power of picking one thing and really going after it with everything you’ve got. And today, I’m going to pull a 180 on you… sort of… Today while coaching a client, I was reminded of a very important fact – a reason…


How To Handle Negative Reviews In Business

One concern that comes up a lot in my agency, especially from entrepreneurs who are debating breaking into the online world (namely social media), is the fear of negative reviews. The truth is, you’re right. You ARE going to get a negative review at some point. I mean, Christ chose 12 disciples and even he…


Are You Falling For These Scams?

Scams have been around since the very first days of mankind, and they’re going to be here until the very last. They’re here to stay, and in a weird way a part of life. With technology changing at blindingly fast speeds, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to spot them and avoid causing often permanent damage.…


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8Marketing Consulting

Agencies are a dime a dozen, but results are rare. We specialize on driving measurable results that you can take to the bank.

7Social Media Success

Any 12 year old can set up and manage a social account for your business. But turning that “free medium” into a profitable cashflow source with measurable ROI – now that takes skills.

6Creative Design

We focus on creating visually stunning campaigns that drive action and sales, not just awards.

5Brand Building

Branding goes beyond making sure your website matches your business card – that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We build brands that stand the test of time by utilizing the entire iceberg.

2Lead Generation

Our systems and strategies can automate floods of traffic into your business and generate boat loads of highly qualified leads.

3Sales Training

We can send you buckets of leads, but if you can’t convert them you’re going to fail. We will train your team to close sales with powerful tools for the modern era.

1Successful Startup

Launching a business is hard, especially if you’re driving in the wrong direction. From start to finish, we’ve got your back every step of the way.

4Keynote Speaking

From marketing and technology, to branding and lead generating, we’ve got professionals across the board ready to present dynamically at your event.

The RYS Marketing Advantage | Sudbury Marketing

In many professional industries such as medical and financial, there is mandatory continued education that must be taken in order for them to maintain their qualifications in their chosen field. We believe the same should  apply to marketing, web design, product launches, brand management, etc.

The world is in a state of constant, blindingly fast change and to think otherwise is to risk being being left behind. Take a look at past powerhouses like Blockbuster and Kodak. Sure, these may seem like obvious situations, but countless other major brands have come and gone because they’ve refused to innovate, kept using outdated practices and never took their heads out of the sand.

As clear as this may seem, the danger lies in the fact that many folks are simply too busy working in their business to take the time to strategize and work ON the business.


Tired of websites and flyers that don’t sell?

For more than just fancy graphics, slick websites and
cute posters, there’s RYS Marketing.

At RYS, we are continually testing and refining our strategies and basing all our thoughts and actions on RESULTS. We never assume anything. We test, we measure, we track, we listen to the market and we figure out what works by listening to the numbers. Listen, it’s easy to say “oh, you can’t track or measure this kind of marketing”, and sometimes that’s true, but far too often companies use that as an excuse for not delivering actual results! Yes, some strategies are long term plays, but they should be used hand in hand with measurable strategies that show profits you can bank. And we understand Sudbury marketing.

We believe that everything a business does, from the customer service department to the business card to the proposals, is marketing. Through focused marketing effort with your clients needs in mind, we make sure that you are building a sustainable, sellable empire, not just a job.

Raise Your Standards

RYS, pronounced ‘rise’, an acronym for Raise Your Standards, is the mantra that we at RYS Group, the parent company for RYS Marketing, stand by.  In every area of life, we get what we settle for. And if you want a better quality of life, you need to raise your standards. Of course, easier said than done! The key is to decide exactly what you want, what you won’t settle for anymore, decide what will become your new level of acceptance and make it an absolute MUST. Never settle for less than you deserve!

We take the RYS philosophy to heart, and are continually striving for greater heights. We are continually learning, researching, innovating and discovering breakthrough methods to add cash to your bottom line. We believe in following best business practices, and that means we treat your money like it was our own.  We put ourselves in your shoes, and give you the exact advise, recommendation and strategy we’d use if the tables we’re turned.

Meet Al Blais

Alain Blais, founder of RYS Group, is an entrepreneur, published author, family man and competitive motorcycle aficionado. He’s deeply passionate about growing businesses and excels in marketing and promotion. Al believes in surrounding himself with experts in a variety of fields and that as a team, we can produce even greater results for our clients. He guides, nurtures and encourages his team to strive for new heights, get creative and continually raise their standards.

Alain regularly consults for small to medium sized businesses, startups and independent sales professionals. Al believes in constant and never ending improvement and is always seeking to optimize and improve his current skills, systems and businesses as well as seek out new opportunities and ventures.

RYS Marketing specializes in orchestrating powerful profit producing marketing strategies for companies from coast to coast while uncovering hidden assets and overlooked opportunities and turning them into steady streams of income for his clients. Al understands Sudbury marketing like no other.

For consulting, partnerships and speaking engagements, you can contact Alain directly at

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